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Fences and gates

We deliver to any point in Bulgaria.
Delivery time 2-5 working days
You will receive the exact shipping price when ordering.
You can place an order by phone or through the online store.

  • Fence panels standard 

  • Fence panels double

  • Decorative fence net "hedge"

  • Garden doors

  • Sliding and double-wing portals to order

  • Gabions

  • Accessories

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Modular constructions

We produce modular containers for living, office, storage, garage and others.
In our catalog you can see sample projects and prices, and we can also produce according to your project.

  • Completely disassembled - installation without a faucet.

  • Different panel patterns/thicknesses.

  • Sanitary containers

  • Quick and easy installation


Thermal panels

Thermal panel, not a sandwich panel!

The thermal panel has a core of polyurethane foam (PUR)

We cut to size and deliver to an address.

  • Roof sandwich panels

  • Wall sandwich panels

  • Isotrapezoid - 1 cm and 1.5 cm thick

  • Fire resistant panels (PIR) - to order

  • Roof panels for photovoltaics - to order



We sell three types of high-quality pellets produced from furniture industry waste. The ash release of our pellets is reduced below 0.7% and the moisture content of the pellets is below 8%

  • ​Beech - 100%

  • Boron - 100%

  • Mix - Beech 20% / Oak 20% / Pine 60%

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